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Royal Australian Mint launches circulating coin hunt

Australia has begun a dollar coin search in the nation, issuing more than 1 million examples each of three slightly different 2019 dollars, bearing either an A, U or S Mint mark, along with a 35 privy mark.

Coin images courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint.

Forget chocolate bars — the Royal Australian Mint is offering a golden prize with a silver lining. 

RAM on Nov. 1 launched the nation’s first-ever coin hunt, Australia’s Dollar Discovery. The contest is described as a fun way to encourage the public, and families in particular, to engage with coin collecting.

Residents of Australia can search through April 8, 2019, to find examples of limited edition 2019 dollar coins, each bearing one of three letters (A, U, or S) and a special 35 privy mark. The coin hunt is part of the RAM’s celebration of the 35th anniversary of the release of Australia’s dollar coin.

People who find an example of all three coins are eligible to enter a drawing that will have eight potential winners. The prize of the drawing is an exclusive tour with three other people of the RAM, during which the winners can strike their own kilogram silver coin.

Those kilogram coins will be available only to the eight drawing winners and will have an as yet unannounced design.

More than 1 million of each of the three slightly differing 2019 coins are being released into circulation.

The contest continues through April 8, 2019, and winners will be announced on May 14, 2019, the 35th anniversary of the dollar coin in Australia. 

“At a time of growing ‘intangibility’, the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint) is delighted to launch a program to encourage a whole new generation of collectors both young and old, who will not only collect these coins but also be reminded of the value of a dollar,” says Ross MacDiarmid, CEO of the Royal Australian Mint.

For more information about Australia’s Dollar Discovery, visit the dedicated website.  

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