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Reformation jubilee on silver coin in Berlin auction

A rare silver triple reichstaler is one of many highlights in two auctions from Fritz Rudolf Künker on Feb. 2 in Berlin. 

The 1617 coin of Pomerania-Stettin, issued for Duke of Pomerania Philip II, marks the centennial or Jubilee of the Reformation. According to auction house, the example in the Feb. 2 sale is perhaps the third-known example and “probably the only specimen on the market.” 

It depicts Martin Luther on the obverse, kneeling before an altar in a church, holding scriptures in his left hand, in a scene dated 1517. 

The reverse shows a priest holding similar holy text(s), in an elaborate church setting, but dated one century later, the same year that the coin was issued. 

John Davenport catalogs this coin as Dav-7227 in German Talers, his magnum opus about the silver taler and multiple taler coins issued across the German-speaking lands during the Holy Roman Empire. 

The coin weighs 86.93 grams. 

This example, cataloged as Almost Extremely Fine by the auction house, realized a hammer price of €80,000 ($109,478 U.S.) when it sold at Künker’s auction in Berlin on Jan. 27, 2011. 

For the 2017 auction, the coin has an estimate of €75,000 ($77,983 U.S.). 

For more details about the auction, visit the firm’s website.

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