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RCM offers world bullion

Brochure promoting silver bullion coin subscription program displays images of Russia’s St. George and Mexico’s Libertad. The brochure does not state what finish the coins will bear, whether Uncirculated or Proof.

Image courtesy of Royal Canadian Mint.

Canadian collectors who received a subscription-service offer from the Royal Canadian Mint earlier this year for older Canadian silver dollars have received another offer, this time for a collection of world bullion coins.

A letter signed by RCM’s chief operating officer, Mrs. Beverley A. Lepine, invites customers to “take advantage of this subscription collection ‘The Fabulous 15’ comprising 15 coins from around the world. This collection is limited to a mere 5,000 complete sets worldwide. …”

The color brochure included with the letter indicates that the first piece is an Uncirculated 2011 Canadian Maple Leaf silver bullion coin with an “F15” privy mark located below the left portion of the maple leaf on the reverse, available for $44.95 in Canadian funds.

Coins of other nations

The next five pieces have been identified and are also 2011 silver bullion coins: Austria’s Philharmonic, Russia’s St. George, Mexico’s Libertad, China’s Panda and Britain’s Britannia.

Each of these pieces is offered at $89.95 Canadian (approximately $91.42 U.S. March 17). There is no indication whether these coins have an Uncirculated or Proof finish.

A major U.S. marketer of bullion coins, American Precious Metal Exchange, at its Web site ( indicated March 15 that the going rate for these bullion pieces was from $40 to $50, if using a credit card to pay.

The back of the RCM flyer lists as one of the benefits of this subscription service:

“1. Attractive Royal Canadian Mint pricing! I will receive my first silver investment coin [the term used by the RCM for bullion coins] ‘Silver Maple Leaf 2011’ from the Royal Canadian Mint at the price of $44.95 to view for 14-days with a guaranteed right of return.”

The flyer further extols that, in addition to this fine collection of bullion coins, subscribers will receive a “free of charge wooden collector box to store [the] coins” with the third piece purchased, and an “elegant ‘Silver Maple Leaf’ wristwatch valued at $59.95” free with the fifth order.

The offer is exclusive to Canadian residents. For more information visit the RCM’s special Web site ¦

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