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RCM issues first circulating glow-in-the-dark coin

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The Royal Canadian Mint years ago pioneered the use of color on circulation coins.

To celebrate the nation of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the RCM takes that technology one step further, offering the world’s first circulating glow-in-the-dark colorized coin. A plain version of the coin, lacking the glow-in-the-dark and color features, will also be issued. 

The Dance of the Spirits $2 coin features Timothy Hsia’s winning design of the northern lights, which the Cree people call “the dance of the spirits.”

The glow-in-the-dark coin is being sold now in collector sets. No issue date has been announced for either circulating version of the Dance of the Spirits coin. 

The obverse carries the standard Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Canadian government officials also confirm another special $2 coin is due for release in 2017, on another topic (and without glow-in-the-dark technology). This coin will depict, on the inner core and overlapping onto the outer ring, an image of Vimy Memorial with the word VIMY below it, a Canadian soldier in World War I uniform standing with a bowed head to the left of the memorial and a modern Canadian veteran saluting to the right of the memorial. 

In the outer ring, the artist’s initials TB appear to the right of the design and two virtual images of a maple leaf are between two lines at the top of the coin. At the bottom of the coin are two lasermark maple leaves, each within a circle. The inscription REMEMBER appears to the left of the left-hand circle, 2017 between the two circles and, in keeping with Canadian bilingualism, SOUVENIR is inscribed to the right of the circles. CANADA and 2 DOLLARS, with a maple leaf before and after the word CANADA, are inscribed on the edge of the coin.

A circulating commemorative 25-cent coin celebrating the 125th anniversary of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup is also confirmed.

The reverse depicts the Stanley Cup at center, flanked to the left by a hockey player in period uniform and to the right by a hockey player in modern uniform. The symbols ®/MC appear at the right of the Stanley Cup.

A banner is arranged above the central images. Its left fold, above the player to the left, is inscribed 1892; the midsection, above the cup, is inscribed STANLEY, preceded by the French COUP and followed by the English CUP, with associated branding marks; its right fold, above the player to the right, is inscribed 2017. At the bottom of the coin is 125 YEARS/ANS.

The Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II will also be used for the obverses of the Vimy Ridge $2 and Stanley Cup 25-cent coins.

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