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Proof American Eagle silver dollar sales top 300 thousand coins

The Proof silver 2015-W American Eagle dollar coin is available as a single-coin packaging option as well as included in the 2015 Congratulations Set.

Images courtesy of U.S. Mint.

Sales by the United States Mint of Proof 2015-W American Eagles silver dollars in all packaging options reached 304,817 coins, according to the Mint's weekly report updated Feb. 10.

The coin is offered as a single coin option for $48.95. The option went on sale Jan. 2. Single coin option sales totaled 304,084 pieces. The coin is also included in the 2015 Congratulations Set that went on sale Jan. 26 for $50.95. Sales of that set totaled 733 sets.

The Congratulations Set contains one Proof 2015-W American Eagle 1-ounce silver dollar coin, encapsulated and mounted in a folder that allows the coin’s obverse and reverse to be seen. 

The packaging design includes images of silver and gold ribbons and space for a personalized message to the recipient.

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