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Poland issues circulating 5-zloty memorial coin

A new circulating commemorative coin in Poland honors a memorial to an effort made to establish a Polish nation a century ago.

Images courtesy of the National Bank of Poland.

A memorial to the Silesian Uprisings — a series of three armed uprisings in Upper Silesia from August 1919 to July 1921 — will soon be depicted on a circulating coin from Poland.

On Nov. 7, 2019, the National Bank of Poland plans the circulation release of a coin in the series “Discover Poland” — the Liberation Mound, with a face value of 5 złotych.

The coin honors the Liberation Mound built to memorialize victims of the Silesian Uprisings, when Poles and Polish Silesians sought to break away from Germany and join the new Polish Republic, formed after World War I.

The ceremony of consecration of the Liberation Mound took place June 20, 1937, with participation of state authorities. This is the largest and most important monument commemorating the Silesian uprisings in Upper Silesia.

The obverse of the coin carries the standard Polish eagle coat of arms. 
The reverse features a stylized image of the Liberation Mound above a fragment of the shaft wheel from a nearby mine.

The ringed bimetallic copper-nickel-aluminum coin weighs 6.54 grams and measures 24 millimeters in diameter. In total, 1.2 million coins are being released into circulation. 

Interested collectors will have to search the secondary market to obtain the coin.

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