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Pobjoy Mint titanium coin shows colorful flamingo

The Pobjoy Mint’s 2021 colorful titanium $5 coin for the British Virgin Islands depicts a pink flamingo amid a green landscape.

Images courtesy of the Pobjoy Mint.

The Pobjoy Mint’s 2021 bicolored titanium coin issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands features the flamingo.

The $5 coin is produced in pink and light green titanium, which captures the essence of the famous bird. An Uncirculated copper-nickel dollar version (without color) is companion to the 2021 titanium coin.

The design shows two adult flamingos standing in a pool of water, against a background of waterfall and palm trees.

The birds featured are American flamingos (also known as Caribbean flamingo), a large species found in the islands.

Flamingos live in very social flocks and do, in fact, fly. A misimpression that they can’t fly arises because they aren’t often seen in flight. Typically, when flamingos migrate, they fly at night and prefer a cloudless sky and favorable tailwinds, the Pobjoy Mint said.

“Flamingos remain part of popular culture not only because of their graciousness but also because they tend to live a seemly quiet life in their natural habitat, which happens to be the tropics, ”according to Pobjoy.

Due to the difficulty of striking titanium coins and because titanium reacts differently with each strike, each flamingo coin is technically unique. A lined effect also present on the coins is unique to this metal.

The obverse of the coin features the exclusive Pobjoy Mint effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Specifications, pricing

The copper-nickel dollar coin weighs 28.28 grams and measures 38.6 millimeters in diameter. It has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces, each retailing for $15.95.

The titanium $5 coin weighs 10 grams and measures 36.1 millimeters in diameter. Its mintage limit is 7,500 pieces, each retailing for $59.

To order the coins, or learn more, visit the Pobjoy Mint website,

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