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Pobjoy Mint issues coins fit for a princess

New issues from the Pobjoy Mint in the name of the Ascension Islands mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. The program includes a virenium crown (obverse shown) composed of a base metal alloy of copper, nickel and zinc, and a silver crown with mother of pearl inlay in the reverse design (lower image above).

Images courtesy of the Pobjoy Mint.

To mark the 20th anniversary of her death, the Pobjoy Mint has issued a suite of coins celebrating Diana, Princess of Wales.

The fairy-tale romance of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles raised worldwide interest in Britain’s royal family. On July 29, 1981, millions crowded London’s streets to catch a glimpse of the couple before they exchanged vows at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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In the early years of her marriage Diana appeared a shy, private member of the British aristocracy. However, her grace and nobility won the hearts of the nation and she soon blossomed into the people’s princess. Throwing herself into her royal duties exhibiting a warmth and concern for all those causes she supported, Diana became the most photographed member of the royal family, even as her marriage dissolved and she built a life beyond royalty before tragically dying Aug. 31,1997.

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Such public devotion led millions of mourners to line the route of her funeral procession from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey.

Pobjoy has issued four coins — three 1-crown coins and one halfcrown coin — on behalf of Ascension Island to mark the anniversary. The reverse of each coin features a Diana Rose, a rose named after Diana, as she was known as “England’s Rose.”

The obverse of each coin features the Pobjoy Mint’s exclusive effigy of Queen Elizabeth.

The crown coins all measure 38.6 millimeters in diameter and the gold halfcrown is 30 millimeters in diameter.

A Proof .999 fine silver crown with mother of pearl insert weighs 33 grams and has a mintage limit of 2,017 pieces. An intricately carved rose-shaped piece of mother of pearl is fixed into an indent prestruck into the coin. The insert, with differing colors and patterns, is unique to each coin. The coin is presented in an acrylic capsule, housed in a red box with a certificate of authenticity, priced at $79

A golden alloy called virenium (created from copper, nickel and zinc) was used for a base metal Proof crown coin. At 20 grams, the coin has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces, each presented in a colorful card pack, priced at $17.95.

The Ultra High Relief Proof .999 fine silver piedfort coin weighs 62.21 grams and has a mintage limit of 650 pieces.

The Ultra High Relief Proof .999 fine gold half crown weighs 31.103 grams and has a mintage limit of 300 pieces.

Pricing for the ultra high relief pieces was not available.

To order the coins, visit the Pobjoy Mint website.

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