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Pobjoy begins mythical creatures series with Sirens

The mythological Sirens, beautiful but dangerous creatures, are the first subject in a new series of coins from the Pobjoy Mint. The £4 coins are encased in an acrylic display block.

Images courtesy of the Pobjoy Mint.

Cultures across the world and the span of time own their own mythology and stories, but some famous myths and creatures are renowned the world over.

The Pobjoy Mint has launched a five-coin series to honor the famous stories with their monsters and scary creature, beginning with The Sirens. 

The Sirens, beautiful but dangerous, were usually depicted as mermaids that, with their beautiful voices and music, lured sailors to their deaths, causing ships to crash on the rocks near the Sirens’ island. 

“The famous mythological stories, tales and legends are designed to entertain, thrill and inspire the listeners,” according to Pobjoy Mint, which adds, “These ancient Myths contain morals teaching the virtues of love, courage, strength and self-reliance. They also teach the consequences of vices associated with jealousy, greed, deceit and treachery.”

All of the coins in the series are struck in high relief with hand-applied Antique Finish. They are issued for the British Indian Ocean Territory and are denominated £4.

The reverse of the first coin depicts a Siren sitting among rocks and shipwreck debris, playing her harp. 

Skulls litter the rocks around her, representing sailors she has previously lured. The latest ship to be attracted to her wonderful music is seen in the background.

The other four coins in the series are scheduled to celebrate the Hydra, the Minotaur, the Centaur and Medusa.

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The coins each weigh 62.21 grams of .999 fine silver, measure 50 millimeters in diameter and have a mintage limited to 650 pieces.

The coins are packaged in a custom-made acrylic box with an outer printed sleeve that includes the certificate of authenticity. 

The Siren coin is issued at $169 each. 

To learn more, or to order the coin, visit the Pobjoy Mint website

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