PMG now grading bonds, stock certificates

This Disney stock certificate is among the scripophily items that are now eligible for certification and grading by Paper Money Guaranty.

Image courtesy of Paper Money Guaranty.

Most bond and stock certificates are now eligible for authenticating, encapsulating, and grading by Paper Money Guaranty. The Sept. 12 announcement is a reflection the reality that “scripophily,” or the study and collection of stock and bond certificates, is becoming more and more popular as an area of collecting. 

PMG comments that collectors are attracted to the design and artistry of many of the certificates, even more so in present times, since many companies no longer issue printed certificates. These items, therefore could be among the last tangible links, other than commercial products, to some famous businesses and brands.

Bond and stock certificates often were printed by the same companies that printed bank notes. 

Mark Salzberg, chairman of PMG, said, “We are thrilled to expand our expert and impartial certification services to this interesting and historically significant category. Many bond and stock certificates feature incredibly beautiful designs representing some of history’s greatest companies and achievements.”

Bond and stock certificates should be submitted to PMG under an applicable grading tier based on their date of issue and fair market value. Customers must select from one several different slab options, based on the physical size of the object being submitted. 

When making submissions, one of the following options must be selected:
(1) “PMG Oversize Holder” for certificates between 195 by 120 millimeters and 205 by 220 millimeters,
(2) “Custom Holder Small” for certificates between 205 and 220 millimeters and 305 and 350 millimeters, and
(3) “Custom Holder Large” for certificates between 305 and 350 millimeters and 400 and 470 millimeters.
Certificates larger than 400 and 470 millimeters, or 15.75 and 18.5 inches, are encapsulated on a case-by-case basis.

For information about PMG submissions, contact the firm here or at 877-764-5570.

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