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Piece of planet on silver coin celebrating Mercury

Coin issuers continue to search for ways to release coins that give an “out of this world” experience.

A new coin from Niue, struck by the Mint of Poland, is a fine place to start.

The Ultra High Relief .999 fine silver dollar is accompanied by a piece of what the issuer says is a real meteorite from the planet Mercury, to coincide with the subject of the coins. 

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The antique yellow finish 1-ounce coin features a convex reverse and a flat obverse. 

Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System and the one closest to the Sun, with an orbital period of about 88 Earth days, which is much faster than any other planet in the Solar System. It is named after the Roman deity Mercury, the messenger to the gods.

Mercury’s surface is heavily cratered and similar in appearance to Earth’s moon, indicating that it has been geologically inactive for billions of years.

The surfaces of the coin mimic this appearance, and is even tinted yellow to hint at the planet’s color. The coin weighs 31.1035 grams, measures 38.61 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 686 pieces.  

The coin is packaged in a wooden box with a certificate of authenticity. 

It retails for $219.90 from distributor First Coin Company.

To order the coin, visit the distributor website.

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