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Peruvian gold ore processor targets record year

Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. is expecting a record ore processing year in Peru in 2018.

Molten gold image courtesy of Dynacor Gold Mines Inc.; background image courtesy of Mineria Peru.

One of the world’s largest purchasers and processors of gold ore, Dynacor Gold Mines Inc., forecasts calendar year 2018 will set a record for processing.

The Montreal-based firm, with operations in Peru, announced October that gold production results reached 7,352 troy ounces, an 11 percent monthly average increase from the previous nine months in 2018.

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Dynacor is the largest publicly owned ore processing company in Peru.

According to the firm, “As history illustrates, gold production is highest during the last quarter of the year, October to December. The Corporation expects to report its best quarter for 2018 at approximately 22,500 ounces for an annual total of 82,000 ounces of gold, a 2.6 percent year over year increase and all-time high over Dynacor’s last decade of production.”

Dynacor reports that in 2017, operations in Peru produced 79,897 ounces of gold, a 9 percent increase over 2016’s reported 73,477 ounces. 

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