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Perth Mint honors Star Trek: Enterprise television series on coins

Perth Mint continues to boldly go where no mint has gone before, issuing a new pair of Star Trek-themed coins.

The latest issue, released Nov. 3, celebrates the most recent Star Trek television series, Star Trek: Enterprise.

The series is set at the beginning of the Star Trek time line and follows the 22nd century adventures of Capt. Jonathan Archer aboard the Enterprise NX-01 during the early days of interstellar travel.

Archer appears on one of the coins and the Enterprise NX-01 craft is the focus of the other.

The Proof 1-ounce .999 fine silver dollars are struck by the Perth Mint for Tuvalu.

The Capt. Archer coin’s reverse portrays the inscription CAPTAIN JONATHAN ARCHER and a color image of Scott Bakula as Capt. Archer as he appeared in Star Trek: Enterprise, against a representation of the Enterprise NX-01. The design also includes the Perth Mint’s traditional P Mint mark and the coin’s weight and fineness.

The Enterprise coin’s reverse portrays a color image of the Enterprise NX-01 flying over planets, as it appeared in the television series. The design includes the inscription STAR TREK ENTERPRISE ENTERPRISE NX-01, the Perth Mint’s P Mint mark, and the coin’s weight and fineness.

Jennifer McKenna designed the reverses.

The obverse of both coins depicts the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, the denomination, and the 2015 year-date.

The coins weigh 31.135 grams and measure 40.6 millimeters in diameter.

The coins are limited to a mintage of 6,500 pieces each, offered in 1,500 two-coin sets and the balance available individually.

Individual coins are presented in a Star Trek inspired display case.

The two-coin set is housed in a replica of a Star Trek transporter machine that lights up when the lid is opened. It is packaged in a Star Trek themed shipper. Each set is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Distributor Talisman Coins offers each coin for $74.95, with quantity discounts available for same coin purchases. The price is $72.95 each when buying five to nine examples, and $69.95 each when buying 10 or more examples of the same design. 

Talisman offers the pair of coins (without the light-up packaging) for $144.95. With the light-up packaging, the set costs $169.96.

To learn more, or to order the coins, visit the firm’s website, 

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