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Penguins in color on new 50-penny coins by Pobjoy

The Falkland Islands showcases the Macaroni penguin on the first 50-penny coin in a new colorful coin series from the Pobjoy Mint.

Images courtesy of Pobjoy Mint.

The macaroni penguin is so named for the golden crests of plumage that start at the center of the forehead and sweep above the eyes.

The breed is the also newest honoree on a colorful coin from the Pobjoy Mint.

Following the first set of 50-penny coins from the Falkland Islands, the Pobjoy Mint has begun a new series of the colorful copper-nickel coins, with the macaroni penguin the inaugural issue of the five coins planned. 

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Each coin in this series will depict one of the five breeds of penguin that are resident on the islands at some point during the year. This new series of coins features close-up head shots of the five penguins, each shown in color. 

Found in the Sub Antarctic to the Antarctic peninsula, the macaroni is one of six species of crested penguins. The macaroni penguin has the largest population of all penguins, but in the Falklands occurs in very small numbers. Like all penguins, it is flightless, with a streamlined body and wings stiffened and flattened into flippers for its marine lifestyle.

The Falkland Islands are known today as the penguin capital of the world, but back in the 18th century the birds were victimized for oil and, in the case of some breeds, for their beautiful skin. Conservation and awareness has changed this and the penguins are now a favorite with tourists.

The obverse of the coins features the exclusive Pobjoy Mint effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin weighs 8 grams, measures 27.3 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 7,500 pieces. 

The first coin retails for $14.95; orders are being accepted, with delivery to begin Aug. 15 (Aug. 22 in the United States). 

The Pobjoy Mint is also producing a new collector’s album to hold the set, which sets the coins against an image of a group of king penguins and includes information on each breed in the program.

To learn more, or order the coin, visit the Pobjoy Mint website

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