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Panama releases colorful circulating quarter balboa

Panama continues to honor the legacy of the nation’s famous canal with coinage, this time on a 2016 quarter balboa with color.

Coin World photography by Ray Wilder; historic photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Panama has released a new circulating commemorative coin to celebrate the legacy of the Panama Canal.

The coin is now available from an American dealer.

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Late in 2016 the nation began circulating a quarter-balboa coin struck by the Royal Canadian Mint and featuring color on the obverse. 

Inside a colorized circle a pair of workers dig on the canal. Massive steam shovels and their gear teeth also appear in the design. The inscription references the 1907 construction of the canal.

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The reverse features the standard coat-of-arms design for Panama.

Dealer Joel Anderson has obtained examples of the coin, and offers them for $5 plus $3 shipping.

To order, visit the distributor's website.

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