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Panama Pacific Exposition certificate on sale July 9 by BEP

The third and final print in the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's Panama Canal Commemorative Intaglio Print Program illustrates the Panama-Pacific Exposition Certificate.

Image courtesy of Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

The third and final print to be issued July 9 by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in its Panama Canal Commemorative Intaglio Print Program features the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Certificate.

Sales begin at 8 a.m. Eastern Time.

Printed in black ink only, the print measures 17 inches by 22 inches. Individual prints, at $75 each, will be available while supplies last, according to BEP officials.

The Panama Canal Commemorative Intaglio Print Program highlights the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal. The intaglio certificate available July 9 is a reproduction of the original PPIE certificate the BEP produced for several award-winning exhibits at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (World’s Fair) in 1915.

Vignettes illustrated on the certificate include the following:

Top left: Portrait of Christopher Columbus, engraved in 1915 by Louis S. Schofield and Joachim C. Benzing.

Top right: Portrait of Vasco Nunez de Balboa, engraved in 1915 by Schofield and Benzing.

Center left vignette: Ornamental panel featuring oranges, engraved by Harry L. Chorlton and Edward M. Hall, 1915. A small rural home and mountainscape appears below the vignette of oranges and their foliage, while the words EDUCATION, AGRICULTURE and MINING appear on ribbonlike banners across the orange vignette. 

Center right vignette: Ornamental panel featuring cotton, engraved by Charles M. Chalmers and Hall, 1915. A small area of factory buildings dominated by smoke stacks appears below the vignette of cotton plants, while the words ARTS & SCIENCES, MANUFACTURES and EDUCATION appear on ribbonlike banners across the cotton vignette.

Center bottom vignette: Group of female figures backed by tropical foliage (one woman spinning thread, one holding a container of fruit and a third woman standing), engraved by Marcus W. Baldwin, 1915.

Bottom vignettes: Ships, cupids, engraved by Chorlton and Baldwin, 1915.

Bottom: Ornamental panel with lettering PANAMA. Dates in wreaths: 1904, 1915. Engraved by Frank Lamasure and Chorlton, 1915.

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