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Palladium continues historic rise

Russia’s announcement it plans to ban exports of precious metal scrap and tailings from May 1 to Oct. 31 further fueled the price for palladium, a metal in short supply.

Original images courtesy of Russia Business Today.

Tightening supplies continue to push the spot price of palladium to new record highs, with the metal climbing in value nearly 25 percent since the beginning of 2019.

The London PM spot price for palladium closed March 19 at $1,567 per troy ounce, exactly $300 an ounce higher than the closing price Jan. 2. In some markets, the metal briefly traded for more than $1,600 an ounce.

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The Financial Times reports that shortages of the metal (which is primarily used in controlling automobile emissions) have spurred a price increase of nearly 90 percent since August 2018.

Spikes in the palladium price have been affected by the announcement by Russia, the world’s larger producer of palladium, that it is planning to ban the export of scrap and tailings from May 1 through Oct. 31.

Reuters reports Russia is considering the ban in an effort to promote domestic refining of its precious metals.

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