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Online guide to biblical coins updated

A guide to coins of the Bible available for free on the Internet has been updated.

In 1976, Mel Wacks wrote the Handbook of Biblical Numismatics. Since then, this introductory reference work has been published on Kindle and is available free of charge on the Internet as part of The Jewish Museum in Cyberspace at

Wacks recently updated the catalog to reflect changed “Hendin” numbers, based on the most recent (fifth) edition of David Hendin’s Guide to Biblical Coins.

Wacks catalogs 138 coins in 24 chapters including “First Judaean Coins” (fourth century B.C.), “Widow’s Mite” (A.D. 30), “First Revolt” (A.D. 66 to 70) and “Arabs In The Holy Land” (circa A.D. 650 to 1094).

Each of these coins is pictured, and there is a newly added concordance of Wacks numbers, old Hendin numbers, and new Hendin numbers.

Another new addition to the Handbook of Biblical Numismatics on the Internet is a table of coin values based on the first sale of the Shoshana Collection of Ancient Judaean Coins, which was auctioned March 8 and 9, by Heritage Auctions.

The catalog is accessed more than 250,000 times annually, according to Wacks. ¦

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