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One ounce 2014 gold Proof Eagle no longer Mint available

The 1-ounce gold Proof 2014-W American Eagle coin is only available from the Mint now in the four-coin set after the maximum single-coin packaging option was exhausted.

Images courtesy of U.S. Mint.

Collectors seeking to buy a single Proof 2014-W American Eagle 1-ounce gold $50 coin in its original U.S. Mint packaging will likely have to pay 7 to 10 percent higher on the secondary market than what the coin was last offered for directly from the Mint.

The 1-ounce coin remains available directly from the U.S. Mint in the four-coin gold Proof set.

When the U.S. Mint dropped the 1-ounce gold Proof coin Aug. 27 from its sales catalog, the retail price of the coin was $1,610.

The last posted sales figure was 19,854 coins, with sufficient orders to exhaust the maximum 20,000 coins offered as a single-coin option.

As of Oct. 8,  APMEX was offering on its website the single Proof 2014-W American Eagle 1-ounce gold coin for $1,719.70 in its original Mint packaging.

APMEX sold examples in original Mint packaging Oct. 3 on eBay for $1,762.09,  $1,753.19, and $1,771.51. On Aug. 22 on eBay, five days before the U.S. Mint reported the coin was no longer available from the bureau, APMEX sold an example in original Mint packaging for $1,640.58.

The options

The five numismatic product options for the Proof 2014-W American Eagle gold coins first went on sale on April 3.

The packaging options included the 1-ounce $50 gold coin, with a single-coin option limited to 20,000 coins; a single half-ounce $25 coin option limited to 10,000 coins; a single quarter-ounce $10 coin option also limited to 10,000 coins; and a single tenth-ounce $5 coin option limited to 20,000 coins.

The four-coin set, containing one each of the four coins offered, was limited to 15,000 sets.

Through Oct. 5, sales recorded for the remaining gold Proof options, with the last price the Mint offered each option for as of Oct. 8, are:

??Half-ounce gold Proof, 4,954, $795.

??Quarter-ounce gold Proof, 5,311, $410.

??Tenth-ounce gold Proof, 10,187, $175.

??Four-coin gold Proof set, 8,113, $2,890.

Pricing for the Proof gold coins is based on the Mint’s pricing precious metals, found on the Mint’s website here

For more information on the American Eagle program, visit the U.S. Mint website.

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