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The first ancient coins a senior editor ever bought

Jeff Starck's ancient coin collection began with two Roman coins he came across at the New York International Numismatic Convention several years ago.

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How does a Coin World senior editor of world coins become a collector of ancient coins?

The two items profiled by Jeff Starck in our latest #CWShowandTell video below explain just that. These Roman coins were his first ancient purchases, and they took place at a New York International Numismatic Convention several years ago. 

“I had to get them, had to add to my collection. And since then it’s just been an area that is so fascinating [to me],” Starck says.

The first is a bronze coin featuring Constantius II, the Roman emperor who served from 337 to 361. 

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The second is a bronze fallous of Licinius, “his familiar bearded visage seen in sharp detail on the dark greenish tinted surface of the nickel-sized coin.”

Licinius’s reign spanned from 308 to 324, and if you’ve heard of him, “it’s probably because he is most remembered for co-authoring the Edict of Milan, which ended the last great wave of Christian persecution in the Roman Empire.”

Starck stresses that these coins are affordable, full of historical persepctive, and provide a great jump-start to any collection. 

“These late Roman bronze coins are common, eminently affordable, but they’re also rich in history.” 

Get his full explanation of the coins below.

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