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Collectors vote to crown winner

The recipient of the 2017 People's Choice Award for coin design.

Images courtesy of Daniel Frank Sedwick.

Collectors across the globe can have a voice in selecting winners of an international coin design competition.

The organizing committee of the XII International Commemorative Coins Contest, dubbed “Coin Constellation — 2018” invites collectors to vote for the Peoples’ Choice Award for 2018. 

More than 220 coins issued from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017, were subject to the competition. Applications were received from 41 participants from 26 countries.

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The winner of the People’s Choice Award is determined by the results of the voting on the website Anyone who wants to take part in the voting must register on the website. The coin that gets the most votes will receive the People’s Choice Award.

To entice voters to participate, the contest organizers are distributing commemorative coins of precious metals and an annual subscription, for the year 2019, to a specialized Russian magazine about coins, Gold Chervonets Magazine

Voting continues through Oct. 20, 2018. 

Some subscription winners will also be selected from among collectors who leave comments on this website.

The Mint of Poland received the 2017 People’s Choice Award, for a coin issued during the calendar year 2016. The winning coin was a gold $100 coin depicting a Chinese porcelain vase from the Qing Dynasty. 

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