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Nigeria to mark centennial on commemorative note

Nigeria marks its 100th anniversary of becoming a nation with new designs on commemorative 100-naira notes to be released into circulate in late December 2014.

Images courtesy of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Nigeria has unveiled designs for new 100-naira notes to mark the centennial of its establishment as a united nation.

President Goodluck Jonathan unveiled the notes Nov. 12 during ceremonies at the Central Bank of Nigeria, according to a bank news release.

The face of the new notes features a portrait of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and a raised embossed line to assist visually impaired persons.

The back design has a Quick Recognition Code so when the machine-readable matrix bar code QRC is scanned with a smartphone, it will link users to a website to provide information about Nigeria’s history.

The new 100-naira notes will be placed into circulation in late December 2014. The commemorative notes will co-circulate with the current designs of 100-naira for a time. The older 100-naira designs will be gradually withdrawn from circulation.

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