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NGC grades rare ‘99’ stamped 1898 South Africa gold Pond

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has graded a gold rarity from South Africa, the 1898 “99” stamped pond coin. It is one of just 20 examples that the firm has graded.

The following is from a press release from Numismatic Guaranty Corporation:

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has graded another example of the rare 1898 South Africa pond with a “99” stamp. 

Graded NGC Mint State 62, it is one of just 20 examples certified by NGC. 

The 1898 “99” stamped pond coins were issued during the Anglo-Boar War between the South African Republic and the British Empire. The South African Republic, often called the Transvaal, was rich in gold and a target of British colonial ambitions. 

As part of its efforts to resist annexation by the British Empire, the South African Republic issued its own coinage as any sovereign state would. The South African Republic, however, was not equipped to produce coining dies, and a shipment of 1899-dated dies from Germany was confiscated by the British. Undeterred, the South African Republic decided to strike coins with the older 1898-dated dies and punch a “9” on the obverse to indicate the new date. The “9” punch was too large, however, so that punch was abandoned in favor of a smaller “99” punch, which created this “99” stamped rarity.  

This particular 1898 “99” stamped pond was submitted by Pro Aurum Numismatik GmbH through NGC’s office in Munich, Germany. 

NGC’s office, which was opened in August 2013, provides a comprehensive solution for submitters throughout the European Union by handling customs clearance, shipping and insurance. 

According to Pro Aurum Numismatik: “NGC did a phenomenal job from start to finish and we could not be more pleased with the result. Our customers increasingly insist on NGC certification because of the trust they have in NGC’s authentication and grading.”

“Our offices in Munich and Zurich have significantly simplified the submission process for collectors and dealers in Europe,” says Richard Stein, NGC Director of European Operations. “This has resulted in NGC seeing many more fantastic coins such as this 1898 ‘99’ Stamped Pond.”   

To learn more about NGC, visit its website.

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