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New sales dates for Morgan and Peace dollars, American Eagles

U.S. Mint officials announced June 23 new pre-order sales dates for the 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars, as well as Proof 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 silver and gold coins.

The products include revised household order limits.

Difficulties that many collectors experienced online May 24, including having to compete with bots, while trying to order privy-marked examples of two limited-edition 2021 Morgan dollars recognizing the Carson City and New Orleans Mints, forced the nation’s coin bureau to delay the release dates of three additional 2021 Morgan dollars and a single 2021 Peace dollar.

“To address the issue, the Mint paused the pre-order windows for the remaining Morgan and Peace products until the BOT issues could be resolved,” according to the U.S. Mint’s June 23 announcement. “The Mint has now identified a solution that we expect will mitigate most of the issues caused by BOT traffic. Although we are working diligently to put that solution in place, the launch dates for American Eagle silver and gold coins will also be affected. To further increase the opportunity to purchase these high demand products, the Mint will also adjust the household order limits for the new American Eagle Silver and Gold Coins and the remaining Morgan and Peace silver dollars. While these steps will mitigate the impact of BOT traffic and improve overall access to these very popular products, the supply of silver still limits the U.S. Mint’s ability to completely satisfy demand. As a result, not everyone will be able to purchase the coins of their choice.”

The new ordering dates and household order limits are:
➤ July 20, Proof 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 silver dollar, limit three coins.
➤ July 29, four single gold Proof 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 coins and four-coin gold Proof set.
➤ Aug. 5, two-coin tenth-ounce gold Proof 2021-W American Eagle set with Reverse of 1986 and Reverse of 2021 issues, limit one set.
➤ Aug. 12, (changed from Aug. 16) Proof 2021-S American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 silver dollar, limit three.
➤ Sept. 9, Uncirculated 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 silver dollar, limit 3.
➤ Aug. 3 to 17, pre-order window for 2021-S and 2021-D Morgan dollars, limit three coins for each product option.
➤ Aug. 10 to 24, pre-sales window for 2021 Morgan dollar and 2021 Peace dollar, both being struck at the Philadelphia Mint without Mint mark, limit three per option per household.

All five of the 2021 Morgan dollars have a predetermined maximum release of 175,000 coins each, while the 2021 Peace dollar has a limit of 200,000 coins. All six dollars are being struck with an Uncirculated finish.

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