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Royal Canadian Mint Calgary Stampede pure silver coin available

Calgary, Alberta, June 24, 2015 — Silver Gold Bull is proud to present the 2015 ½ oz Calgary Stampede Silver Coin, celebrating the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! Specially produced by the Royal Canadian Mint with a variety of unique elements that set the coin apart from anything else on the market, this 9999 fine silver coin will have guaranteed collectibility. Silver Gold Bull is the exclusive U.S. and international distributor of this coin.

This ½ oz silver coin is a special edition Royal Canadian Mint issue as it is priced as bullion, rather than like a numismatic coin. The $2 face value gives holders the security of knowing the coin will be honoured as legal tender in Canada. With low premiums and an unprecedented resale value when selling to Silver Gold Bull, you can be assured that your investment is a sound one.

The reverse design by famed Canadian artist Steve Hepburn perfectly captures the tension of the longest eight seconds in sports. The Calgary Stampede traces its roots back to the Calgary Frontier Days and Cowboy Championship, first held in 1912. The rodeo events, still the centrepiece of the Calgary Stampede, are the richest tournament-style rodeo in the world. Cowboy athletes compete for over $2 million in prize money, and the bull riding event is considered the most dangerous and glamorous event in the show. Hepburn’s bull rider appears to be leaping out of the silver background with all four of the bull’s hooves in the air above stylized clouds of dust. The famed Calgary Stampede logo, complete with cattle brand appears below.

The 2015 ½ oz Calgary Stampede Silver Coin is available individually, in mint-sealed tubes of 20 (10 ounces), or in mint-strapped monster boxes of 240 coins (120 ounces). Full monster boxes also include an RCM-issued product sheet with a picture and more information about the coin.

This coin is a great way for new investors to purchase fractional bullion with the security of a product produced by a government mint. It is also a low premium way for established bullion investors to diversify their holdings into a fractional size without dramatically affecting their cost per ounce.

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