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How a new petition wants to 'Make Money Great Again'

A new petition is asking that gold and silver be given the same status as currency enjoyed by circulating notes and coins.

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“Make Money Great Again,” it says. 

A new petition posted on demands an executive order by the Donald Trump administration that would give the same currency status to gold and silver that is currently given to paper U.S. dollars and circulating coins.

The petition was created on Jan. 24 by a user named J.C., and is seeking the 100,000 signatures that, according to current policy, are required to get an official response from the White House.

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The basis of the poster’s argument comes from the Constitution, which in its time recognized gold and silver as money.

The petition asks for two things: 

— “All tax discrimination against gold and silver must cease, including the removal of all capital gains tax on holdings of, and transactions in gold and silver.”
— “That all impediments to using gold and silver as constitutionally-recognized money be removed.”

If you’d like to join the cause, you can sign the petition here.

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