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Book presents monetary history of Central America

The American Numismatic Society has published A Monetary History of Central America.

Image courtesy of American Numismatic Society.

The American Numismatic Society has published a new research volume about Central American money.

A Monetary History of Central America, by Brian Stickney, is Numismatic Studies No. 35 in the ANS’s longstanding research publication series. The 386-page book features 630 images, new and revised mintage figures, a new bibliography, and readable histories of Central American numismatics organized by country.

The book takes a comprehensive approach to analyze the political, economic, and sociological events that influenced the evolution of coinage and medals in Central America. Beginning with the discovery of the New World, the book seeks to determine how and why the many monetary regimes evolved, were sustained, and ultimately replaced throughout both the Colonial and Independence eras. 

The author has assembled new and revised mintage figures for coins and medals, which, combined with historical data about withdrawals and demonetization, allows a much better understanding of this material.  

The book provides insight into the influence of international monetary conferences and unions on Central America and its evolving coinage. Each chapter updates the bibliography to reflect current scholarship, and presenting a nearly complete representation of every minted type, many from the author’s collection.

The book includes a thumbnail chronology of political and monetary events from 1500 to 1965, a glossary of terms, and gold and silver production and ratio tables throughout the centuries. 

The book was published at $99 plus shipping and handling. The ANS member price is $49.95 plus shipping & handling.

To order the book, visit the ANS website.

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