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New book explores world of silver bullion coins

A new book explores the world of silver bullion coins from 18 countries since 1982.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Wieschowski.

A new guide for silver bullion buyers is available.

Sebastian Wieschowski, a numismatic journalist and collector in Germany, has authored Bullion Book: Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors.

The book offers insights into the world of silver bullion coin investment from 1982 to 2020. 

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The book is designed as a guidebook, a coin catalog and a means to allow collectors to document their collections, all in one unit. 

Wieschowski said that modern collectors are increasingly collecting investment products made of silver, which has seen price increases for some coins reaching many multiples of their precious metal value. 

“There are many people who want to invest and collect at the same time and don’t have enough money for gold coins, so silver bullion is a perfect field for them,” Wieschowski said. 

The book explores 36 coin series from 18 different countries, making it a comprehensive look at the silver bullion market as of its June 2017 publication. 

Wieschowski provides extensive background information, with specifications and mintages, as well as hundreds of coin photos. 

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He created an elaborate open-ended pricing structure that is based on rarity and precious metal value, and lists include fields allowing manual additions of new issues through 2020.

The 180-page softcover book measures six inches wide and nine inches tall and is available for $19 U.S. with worldwide shipping.

To order, visit the website.

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