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Netherlands bank gives staff cash they can't spend

Netherlands’ central bank presented a Christmas gift to employees and associates: a display case of all seven euro note denominations.

Original image courtesy of De Nederlandse Bank.

De Nederlandse Bank, the central bank of the Netherlands, created a Christmas present for its employees and associates in 2017 that cost it a lot, but that its recipients could only look at, and not use it for much else. 

The gift was one of each euro bank note, from 5 to 500 euros, a total of €885 in face value, or $1,060. The seven notes were mounted as a set and sealed in a two piece, hinged Plexiglas display case embossed with the name of the bank. The catch is each set came with a letter from the bank stating that the notes could not be removed from the display, and if they were, they could not be spent.

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The bank made no stipulation against selling them, however. Amsterdam dealer Theo Peters was able to buy one set, and made it available on his website,, for €750.

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