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Nepal issues colorful commemorative Red Cross coin

Nepal has issued a colorful 100-rupee commemorative coin marking the 50th anniversary of the Nepal Junior Red Cross agency.

The Nepal Rastra Bank (the Central Bank of Nepal) has issued a colorful commemorative coin to mark the 50th anniversary of the Nepal Junior Red Cross.

The copper-nickel coin was released in March according to Joel Anderson, a dealer in the United States now offering the coin. Anderson reports that the coin is a circulating commemorative. However, an seller in Nepal reports the release date as Feb. 19 and states the coin has a mintage limit of 2,000 pieces, suggesting it is not circulating.

A companion silver 1,000-rupee coin appears to have been issued also, based on sales, but Anderson does not have that version.

The coins are dated VS2071 which corresponds to 2014 to 2015.

Founded in 1965 as a wing of the Nepal Red Cross Society, the Nepal Junior Red Cross has some 800,000 members in almost 3,500 circles spread throughout the country, Anderson said.

The 100-rupee coin is available from Anderson for $10, plus shipping and handling.

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