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Most values remain unchanged in euros

The recent 2015 Berlin World Money Fair reflected the state of the European economy.

While the attendance of about 15,000 still dwarfed that of any American coin show, it was much less frenetic than in previous years. Despite the deflationary economy and lower metal prices, the coin values have not declined that much. In fact, in euros, we raised about as many prices as we lowered, with most remaining unchanged.

However, since prices are converted into U.S. dollars before publication in Coin World, nearly all are now lower, so low that this may be a good time for buying. We adjusted our exchange rate down by 10 percent from 2014, with the result that, even when we raised a price in euros, after conversion the price was still lower than in 2014.

An interesting trend developing concerning values is that coins with themes focusing on anniversaries of European Union events seem to be consistently lower than coins commemorating significant national events.

Quite bizarrely, the coins that seem to show the biggest increase are often ones that focus on international themes — taken to the most ridiculous extreme by the coins of France dedicated to the Japanese cartoon character “Hello Kitty.”

The character “Hello Kitty,” of course, has nothing to do with France, but it is a perfect illustration of how mints can turn to international markets, in this case Japan, to generate profits at home.

We have put in as many 2015 coins as there is information for as of Feb. 1, 2015. Although listed, they may not yet be available.

We can report that a commemorative €2 coin celebrating the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the European flag as the official emblem of the European Union will be issued in 2015.

This coin will have a common design that will be issued in all the euro area countries. An issue date has yet to be set. 

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