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Monarchs reflect history of Great Britain in new book

A new book explores British history as seen through the monarchs and money of the island across the ages.

Cover image courtesy of Whittles Publishing.

A new book traces British history through one medium that has dominated life for centuries — coins.

Money Talks, British Monarchs and History in Coins by Bob Whittington offers an illustrated story of British monarchs and history featuring more than 60 images of coins and revealing the hidden stories behind coins and the background of their designs, reflecting the story of Great Britain from the Iron Age to the present day.

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“Although money now moves virtually at the swipe of an electronic card, it has survived for more than 2,500 years, rising and falling in value, changing in shape and size, and merging into a continent-wide single unit,” according to the book’s publisher, Whittles Publishing. “The coin continues to talk, telling its own unique tale about the lives we lead, the challenges we face, and the dreams we are trying to turn into reality.”

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Whittington authored a fast-paced history of the humble British coin, the events that at times literally shaped it and the stories reflected in its creation.

Money Talks is about how such a small object of desire has been regarded as a symbol of power and authority for more than 2,500 years. The book demonstrates how monarchs down the centuries have used it to fund their wars, maintain their lifestyles and portray their image to prove their position or legitimize dubious claims to the throne.

The softcover book contains 176 pages, with full-color images of more than 60 coins and maps, and it retails for £16.99.

To order, visit the publisher’s website.

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