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Mix of variety finds contributed by Coin World readers

Coin World readers submitted quite a mix of die varieties this month, with most of them being new listings for my files. Daniel Ksycki kicks things off with the only submission that was not a new listing, but it is a nice variety all the same.

Ksycki submitted a 1960-D Lincoln, Large Date cent that shows a very nice repunched Mint mark variety. Prior to 1990, the Mint marks were hand punched into the working dies. To leave a satisfactory impression of the Mint mark usually took more than one tap of a mallet to the hand-held punch.

If that hand-held punch was moved at all between taps with the mallet, a doubled or even tripled Mint mark could occur.

The 1960-D cent submitted by Mr. Ksycki shows a D/D West. I have it listed in my files as 1960-D 1¢ WRPM-010 while CONECA lists the variety as 1960-D 1¢ RPM #1. The Coppercoins website lists the variety as 1960D-1MM-005.

A 2013 Lincoln cent with a nice doubled die obverse was submitted by Joseph Koelling. Extra thickness shows on LIBERTY where it is best seen on the vertical bars of the letters increasing in strength from left to right. Light extra thickness shows on the date. I now have this one listed as 2013 1¢ WDDO-009.

Charles D. Hudson submitted a 2002-D Ohio quarter dollar that has a nice doubled die obverse. Doubling shows on the underside of Washington’s earlobe. This one is now in my files as 2002-D 25¢ OH WDDO-003.

A 1964-D Roosevelt dime with strong obverse doubling was submitted by Mark W. Joyner. A strong spread to the east shows on Roosevelt’s lips, nose and forehead. This is a new listing for my files where, I entered it as 1964-D 10¢ WDDO-002. It’s hard to believe that this one went undetected for 50 years.

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