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Another curved coin is hitting the market in January

Keep the curved coins coming. 

The National Bank of Poland is releasing Proof 2015 gold and silver concave/convex coins at the end of the January along the lines of the U.S. Mint’s popular 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame coins.

The coins commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of Warsaw University of Technology.

The .900 fine gold coin measures 27 millimeters in diameter, weighs 15.5 grams and carries a 200-zloty denomination. The .925 fine silver coin measures 32 millimeters in diameter, weighs 14.14 grams, and carries a 10-zloty denomination.

The maximum mintage for the gold coin is 2,500 pieces. For the silver coin, no more than 30,000 pieces will be produced.

Both coins have a Jan. 29, 2015, issue date.

The coin’s basics are listed on the NBP website, but no additional details on the design elements are available on the Mint of Poland's website

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