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Mint of Finland will begin producing Bolivian coins

The Mint of Finland has secured a contract to produce circulation coinage for Bolivia.

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Press release from the Mint of Finland:

The Mint of Finland will soon begin manufacturing circulation coins for the Central Bank of Bolivia.

The Mint of Finland and the Central Bank of Bolivia reached a two year agreement for the manufacturing of 5-bolivianos circulation coins in 2017 and 2018.

The Mint of Finland will produce 88 million coins for its newest circulating coinage customer. 

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Mint of Finland CEO Jonne Hankimaa noted the significance of the agreement in a statement released by the mint.

“This deal is important for us. We have further strengthen[ed] our position in South America and we are very happy about this new customer,” said Hankimaa. 

Mint of Finland Group generates revenue in three business areas: blanks, circulation coins and collector coins. The Group operates in three different countries and delivers blanks and circulation coins to central banks and mints globally. The company also offers collector coins to retailers and to consumers interested in gifts and collecting, via its online shop. Mint of Finland Group designs, markets and manufactures coins, blanks and collector coins. Mint of Finland Group is one of the largest global exporters of coins.

The company is owned by the Republic of Finland.

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