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Mexican coins mark heritage

Mexico’s third series of Numismatic Heritage of Mexico 100-peso coins was launched Nov. 26, honoring six historic issues from 1536 to 1915.

Images courtesy of the Banco de Mexico.

Mexico’s newest coins celebrating the nation’s vast numismatic heritage are now available.

The Banco de Mexico on Nov. 26 released the third set of six 2013 100-peso coins in a four-part, 24-coin series celebrating the Numismatic Heritage of Mexico.

The commemorative designs appear on the reverses of the ringed-bimetallic coins and depict a replica of the obverse of the coin being commemorated.

The coins share a common obverse showing the national coat of arms and a legend translating to “United States of Mexico.”

Commemorative designs

One of the coins honored in the third launch is the circa 1536 silver 3-real piece of Carlos and Johanna during the colonial period, early in the Mexico City Mint’s history.

Another honoree is an 1811 silver 8-real coin of the Supreme National Congress of America, an insurgent group during the Mexican war for Independence.

The original coin was issued in Zitacuaro, Michoacán, by a junta.

The war led to the creation of the first empire, and Emperor Augustin Iturbide’s first coin — an 1822 gold 8-escudo piece — is honored on another coin in this launch.

In 1870 the nation’s first decimal coins were issued. These coins show a sword (representing the executive branch), an open scroll (law) and a balance (justice) below a liberty cap against the sun’s rays. An 1870 Balance Scale silver peso from Zacatecas appears on one of the new 100-peso coins.

The Cap and Rays motif debuted in 1823. The Cap and Rays silver 8-real coins are among the most prolifically produced and widely circulated silver crowns in history. They even circulated in China, where they were marked with chops to attest their value. A “chopmarked” example appears on a new 100-peso coin.

Another coin in the third series honors a silver 2-peso coin of Emilioano Zapata issued during the Mexican Revolution. The originals were struck in Suriana with reduced silver content, a symbol of the wavering fortunes of the fighters.

Specifications and availability

The Prooflike 100-peso coins have a .925 fine silver center weighing 16.812 grams surrounded by a bronze-aluminum-nickel ring weighing 17.155 grams; the total weight of each coin is 33.967 grams. The coins measure 39 millimeters in diameter and have a mintage limit of 8,000 pieces per design.

Distributor Pat Stovall offers the new coins for $212 per set plus $7 shipping and handling per order.

Write to Stovall at 13165 W. Lake Houston Parkway, Suite 1, Houston, TX 77044, or telephone him at 281-687-6878. ¦

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