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May 23 sale date for gold Proof 2024-W American Buffalo

The Proof 2024-W American Buffalo .9999 fine 1-ounce gold $50 coin has no mintage limit or household order restrictions.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

No maximum mintage or household order limits will apply for the Proof 2024-W American Buffalo 1-ounce .9999 fine gold $50 coin when the issue goes on sale from the United States Mint at noon Eastern Time May 23.

Pricing for the numismatic product will announced closer to the release date. Inaugural 2024 pricing will likely be higher than the $3,140 per coin last charged by the bureau for the Proof 2023-W American Buffalo $50 coin.

Pricing is set according to the Mint’s pricing grid, and is based on changes in the range of closing spot prices per troy ounce of gold in the previous week. Pricing is subject to weekly review, and adjustment as necessary.

The London p.m. spot price of gold closed April 4 at a record $2,293.50 per troy ounce.

The Proof 2023-W American Buffalo $50 coin went on sale April 13, 2023, was restricted to a maximum mintage of 16,000 coins. When the coin was issued, the gold spot price was $2,048.45 per troy ounce.

In the U.S. Mint’s sales report of March 31, 2024, the Mint recorded sales of 15,074 of the Proof 2023-W American Buffalo $50 coin.

Since 2006

The Proof American Buffalo $50 gold coin series was introduced by the United States Mint on June 22, 2006.

The coin interprets sculptor Felix Schlag’s designs originally used on the 1913 Indian Head, Bison on Mound (or Type I) 5-cent coin. The designs also appeared on the American Buffalo commemorative silver dollar, issued in 2001 in Proof and Uncirculated versions, struck respectively at the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint.

The same designs appear on annually released Uncirculated and bullion finish American Buffalo gold $50 coins.

The Mint introduced the 2006-W Proof $50 issue priced at $800, with a mintage limit of 300,000 coins. Of that maximum mintage, the Mint recorded sales of 246,267 coins.

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