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Marlene Dietrich's short snorter goes to auction

Actress Marlene Dietrich’s short snorter — a roll of 83 notes bearing the autographs of more than 1,000 individuals — is headed to auction.

Image courtesy of Swann Galleries.

A short-snorter roll made up of  83 notes is being promoted as one of the featured items in a sale of autographs being held by Swann Galleries in New York City on Nov. 7. Its estimated price of $3,500 to $5,000 stretches the limits at which these are usually sold, but when you look at its pedigree, and some of the signatures on it, the figure becomes understandable.

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It was assembled by actress and singer Marlene Dietrich. A German national, she became a U.S. citizen in the 1930s, and during World War II she toured so widely over a span of four years to entertain troops for the United Service Organizations that she was awarded the U.S. War Department’s Medal of Freedom, in 1947, for her service and her stand against Nazism.

Dietrich’s short-snorter roll features notes from an assortment of countries and has over 1,000 signatures by military & entertainment figures. Among them are Ernest Hemingway, George S. Patton, and Irving Berlin.

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A short snorter is a note signed by various persons traveling together or who met up at different events, and the note records the meeting, according to the website for The Short Snorter Project. If often is associated with the military, and was a popular form of souvenir during World War II.

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