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Market Analysis: Specimen 1922 Grant, With Star half dollar

NGC has certified a handful of 1922 Grant Memorial With Star half dollars as Specimen strikings, and this one, graded Specimen 66, sold for $55,200 in Dallas. A detail of the sunken star is shown.

All images courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

Two versions were struck of the 1922 Grant Memorial commemorative half dollars: one with a sunken star in the obverse field near the final A in AMERICA and one without. Of the two, the With Star variety is much rarer, with a total recorded mintage of 4,256.

Numismatic Guaranty Corp. has certified a few “With Star” examples as Specimen strikings, characterized by bold and fresh die polishing lines and struck from unworn dies that show no evidence of prominent die-clash marks that are seen on most 1922 Grant, With Star half dollars.

Heritage writes, “Examining the surfaces with a loupe, they are fresh and satiny, interrupted only by the spidery network of die polish lines that complement intricate sharpness on the devices,” explaining, “Most Grant With Star halves have extensive die polish lines, but they are from a later polishing of the dies in an effort to efface clash marks.”

A Matte Proof example is known, which realized $184,000 in 2012.

Heritage suggests that these Specimen strikings are worthy of further research. The coin in the auction graded Specimen 66 by NGC, sold for $55,200 Aug. 4 in Dallas.

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