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Market Analysis: Proof 64 1826 Capped Bust 50¢ one of three known

Any Proof Capped Bust half dollar is a prize and this 1826 representative, graded Proof 64 by Professional Coin Grading Service, is the finest of just three-known of the Overton 102 die marriage, which also was used to strike half dollars for circulation. 

The cataloger wrote, “Produced three decades before the United States Mint started marketing Proof coinage to collectors to a significant extent, the mintage of the 1826 Capped Bust half dollar in this format was not recorded at the time and, as such, is unknown.” It seems that Proof coins like this were struck on an as-needed basis. 

Two different die pairings were used for producing Proof half dollars in 1826. Four O-101 Proof half dollars appear on third-party grading service population reports. 

The offered coin was used as an illustration in Walter Breen’s 1989 Encyclopedia of United States and Colonial Proof Coins: 1722–1989. The catalog description notes a strong strike and nice centering, writing, “The obverse is layered in a blend of steely-olive, powder blue and champagne pink, while the reverse is adorned with warmer, more even blue-gray.” It found a new home at $50,400. 

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