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Macedonia ready to release first notes in new series

The Central Bank of Macedonia, citing lower long-term costs and stronger anti-counterfeiting devices, will issue new 10- and 50-denar bank notes, equal to the respective U.S. equivalents of 20 cents and $1, on May 15.

They will be the country’s first currency issues made out of polymer.

Not all inscription ‘misspellings’ are true misspellings Not all inscription ‘misspellings’ are true misspellings: Mike Diamond reports on coins that, at first glance, appear to have misspelled legends or dates but, with closer study, are found to have die defects that are misleading.

At the same time, the Sept. 8, 1996, issues of the same denominations, but made out of cotton paper, will no longer be legal tender. They will be redeemable at banks for free.

The new notes have the same basic designs as their predecessors, but with a transparent window, security threads, micro-text, hidden images and aspects only visible under ultraviolet light. 

The 10-denar note has a stylized peacock as one of its central elements, while the 50-denar note draws on a long numismatic history by featuring on one side the reverse of a bronze follis of the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius (491 to 518), struck at the Nikomedia (present day Turkey) mint. This coin is also pictured on the frontispiece of the bank’s museum collection catalog.

A new 100-denar note dated “May 2018” will also be released on May 2. The bank did not disclose further details of that denomination.

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