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Low-mintage colorful silver coin from Aruba now available

Aruba’s only commemorative coin from 2020 was just released. The Proof .925 fine silver 5 florin depicts a colorful hummingbird.

Images courtesy of the Coin & Currency Institute.

Aruba is home to numerous types of hummingbirds, and one of its incomparable birds is showcased in color on a new coin from that island nation.

The Proof 2020 .925 fine silver 5-florin coin from Aruba depicts the hummingbird known as “Blenchi” in Papiamento.

This special bird found in Aruba is so tiny that it is often mistaken for a bumblebee or other insect before it is identified as a hummingbird, according to the North American distributor for the coin, the Coin & Currency Institute.

Though dated 2020, the coin was just released April 28, 2021, and is the only commemorative coin from Aruba for 2020.

This 5-florin coin follows several other commemorative wildlife-themed coins — the Prikichi (brown-throated parakeet), Soldachi (hermit crab) and Turtuga (green sea turtle) — and is the final issue in a series.

Specifications, availability

The coin weighs 25 grams and measures 38 millimeters in diameter.

The authorized mintage is 550 pieces, making this an affordable modern rarity.

Each coin is accompanied by the original case and certificate, and the coins retail for $77.75 each plus shipping and handling, and tax where applicable.

These are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, the distributor said. For more details about the coin, visit the distributor’s website,

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