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Multiple options available for investing in platinum

Multiple options await those interested in including platinum as part of their investment portfolio, according to the Investing News Network.

First on the list, and possibly the easiest option, is to visit a bullion dealer to buy platinum coins and bars directly and take physical possession of them.

Investors may also consider buying the physical metals through a reputable broker, but having the metal stored at a secure, insured facility.

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Another option, according to the Investing News Network, is the exchange-traded-fund or ETF.

“TFs are securities that track platinum like an index fund, but that trade like stocks on an exchange,” the INN says.

Another option for investing in platinum is to own shares of a platinum mining company.

The World Platinum Investment Council reports that demand is growing for platinum, as the available supply is in shortfall. WPIC estimates that 2016 demand for platinum through the investment, automotive, industrial and jewelry sectors is expected to reach 350,000 ounces.

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