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Baldwin’s has a new managing director

A.H. Baldwin & Sons, Ltd., has named a new managing director, Neil Paisley, who brings 20 years experience in the coin business.

Image courtesy of A.H. Baldwin & Sons, Ltd.

Press release from A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd.

Baldwin’s has announced the arrival of its new managing director, Neil Paisley. 

He joins from Colin Cooke Coins, where he has worked for more than 20 years, the last 10 of which were as director.

After giving him a few weeks to get to know everyone and find his feet, we managed to drag him out of the famous Baldwin’s basement and subject him to a few questions…

Q: Why Baldwin’s? What attracted you to the position?

A: Baldwin’s has always had a fantastic reputation and history in the coin world, and it is a name that is known all over the world. Personally, I have always had ambitions to work for a major London Numismatic company, so when I heard of the opportunity I jumped at the chance.

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Coming from such a strong numismatic background, I was also intrigued by the air of mystery that surrounded Baldwin’s – so many amazing numismatic items acquired through over 150+ years of dealing at the top of the game.

Q: It’s no secret that the company has gone through some significant changes in recent times with a number of key staff moving on – how do you see that affecting the business moving forward?

A: Yes, it’s true that the company has gone through a lot of changes recently, and it is always sad to see staff moving on, especially when they have been with the company for so many years.

There is, however, still a massive potential at Baldwin’s – the reputation and the location are second to none, and whilst the faces might be a little different, the same principles of extraordinary customer service combined with superior numismatic knowledge and experience are enduring. With the set-up here and the team that we have already put in place, I can only envisage the company going from strength to strength.

Q: What is your specialist area?

A: My specialism is in all British Milled and Hammered Coins. I also have an extensive knowledge of copper and bronze coinage.

Q: Baldwin’s has a long history dating back to 1872 as a numismatic dealer, and since 1993 has gained a strong reputation for worldwide high-profile numismatic auctions. Will you be focussing on one side of the business or the other?

A: My personal numismatic experience is in both retail and auctions, so I will definitely be maintaining both aspects, and am very much looking forward to developing these areas into even greater success.

Q: Why did you get into numismatics? What was the appeal for you in the beginning?

A: I started numismatics initially as a weekend and holiday job whilst at school. The fascination with the historical aspects came almost immediately. Soon after, I discovered a love of day-to-day dealing, and this is something I still feel today.

Q: Triple Unite or Gold Ryal?

A: Triple Unite for sure. There is, and will always be in my opinion, something extraordinary about the largest denomination to be produced in the hammered era.

Q: Most memorable coin you ever dealt with?

A: The unique 1952 currency halfcrown. There is always something special about knowing that that thing you are holding in your hand is utterly unique, and that right now you are the only person in the world who is holding one.

Q: I’m looking to sell my coins, and this industry is extremely competitive. Why should I choose Baldwin’s?

A: One of the key things I have noticed in my short time here is the extremes that the team go to in order to make sure all our customers are happy. Whether that’s a long-term dealer with reams of numismatic knowledge or a first-time collector just starting out on their journey, the team take genuine pride in helping people find what they are looking for.

Also, Baldwin’s pays very strong prices for quality items, and our consign to auction packages are amongst the best in the world.

Q: Any advice for those starting to collect?

A: My advice would be simply to collect the best examples that you can afford – if you get the opportunity to acquire a rarity in your field for the right price then grab it. Too many times I’ve seen collectors dither, miss their chance and then not see another example for many years.

Q: Will there be an opportunity to meet you in person?

A: Absolutely – I will be attending all the major UK fairs and many of the International Shows. My attention has already turned to our annual pilgrimage to the New York Coin Convention in January, which I am very much looking forward to. And of course, I would be delighted to meet anyone who wanted to come into Baldwin’s at 399 Strand for a chat and a coffee!

Q: So what’s next for Baldwin’s?

A: We’ve got some amazing developments coming up in the next few months. We’ll be offering a fantastic Executive Membership program in the very near future, which will give our customers one of the most unique numismatic opportunities anywhere online. We’re also going to be bringing some great new auction platforms, enabling our auction customers to bid directly through our website.

To contact Paisley, email him directly at

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