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Lithuania issues new €2 coin in series honoring national regions

A new circulating commemorative €2 coin from Lithuania honors the region of Dzūkija, renowned for its pine woods rich in mushrooms and its water resorts.

Images courtesy of the Bank of Lithuania.

Lithuania’s annual circulating commemorative €2 coin program continues honoring distinct regions with a ringed-bimetallic coin in 2021 dedicated to Dzūkija.

The Bank of Lithuania issued the new coin Sept. 9. Legal tender throughout the euro area, this is the third coin in the series “Lithuanian Ethnographic Regions.” Coins dedicated to Samogitia and Aukštaitija were issued in 2019 and 2020, respectively, and the remaining two regions are scheduled for honors by 2023.

Dzūkija is  known for its pine woods rich in mushrooms, and its sands, songs, and mineral water resorts.

The national (obverse) side of the coin, designed by Rolandas Rimūnas, features a coat of arms of Dzūkija: On a shield, an armored soldier, a halberd in his right hand, leans against a silver Baltic shield. Two lynxes support the coat of arms. Below on a ribbon is a Latin inscription translating to “hard-working people from a fierce tribe.”

The soldier signifies a guardian of the land, while the lynxes symbolize vigilance and insight.

The mintage limit of 500,000 coins includes 5,000 Brilliant Uncirculated pieces in special packaging for collectors.

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