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Statue honors Lithuania's first central banker

Vladas Jurgutis is revered as one of the most influential people in Lithuania's history of coins and currency, and has been honored with a coin-based statue.

Original images courtesy of the Central Archive of Lithuania

1. From coins to statues

The Bank of Lithuania has made a very interesting call when it comes to honoring its first central banker.

The Lithuania Tribune reports that the bank has taken an interesting approach to creating a statue of Vladas Jurgutis, by taking roughly 75,000 lita-denominated coins (the coins that were in use during the years of the early 20th century when Jurgutis led the bank), melting them, and using the copper, zinc, and nickel alloy to form a monument that includes a bust of the revered figure.

"Jurgutis, one of the most prominent personalities in interwar Lithuania, was a politician, scientist, educator, and a talented financier," the Tribune reports. "He led the country's monetary policy and headed the Bank of Lithuania for seven years from its inception and introduction of the national currency Litas into circulation (1922-1929). At the time he played a key part in developing strong foundations for the Lithuanian monetary system."

The bust and column form a 5.5-foot-tall monument. Have a look.

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