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Libya to release polymer notes

Add Libya to the list of polymer bank note issuers with the announcement by its central bank that a 1-dinar note will be printed by De La Rue on its Safeguard polymer substrate. It will be Libya’s first polymer bank note, and one of the first in the region.

The complex see-through window depicts the resistance leader Omar Mukhtar (1862 to 1931), making it, De La Rue says, “distinctive and easily identifiable.”

Also on the note are engravings of the Central Bank building on the face, and the Brega Oil Refinery and the Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Tripoli on the back.

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It has a feature called MASK integrated into the polymer substrate. This is described as a simple “hide and reveal” effect that the manufacturer says is difficult to duplicate by scanning or printing and is highly durable. When you lift the bank note to light and look at the pattern design, the number 1 is revealed. 

The note also includes a complex ultraviolet feature called Gemini that uses two UV inks that appear as one color under normal light but as two under UV illumination. There are also intricate patterns, microprinting and more

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