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Legislation seeks new gold standard, analyst objects

Legislation introduced by Rep. Alex X. Mooney from West Virginia seeks to put the United States on a new gold standard.

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The week is winding down, and it’s time to catch up on what happened in the numismatic world.

To look back at Coin World's five most-read stories of the week, click the links to read the stories. Here they are, in reverse order:  

5. 1876 ‘Sailor Head’ copper pattern offers a sharp design of Victorian classicism: Once owned by Egyptian King Farouk, this pattern dollar by William Barber, graded Proof 62 red and brown, shows the influence of classical sculpture.

4. ‘One of the greatest’ 1858 Seated Liberty half dimes still looks brand new: This 1858 Seated Liberty half dime graded MS-68 has both an NGC star and a green CAC sticker, attesting to its tremendous appeal.

3. Minnesota coin dealer indicted by federal grand jury on counterfeit coin sales: A grand jury in Minnesota returned a six-count criminal indictment April 10 charging 67-year-old coin dealer Barry Ron Skog with selling fake U.S. coins.

2. Order cancellations drive sales of World War I silver medals lower: Order cancellations for sets that each include one of the five World War I silver medals are driving down sales figures. Delivery of the sets is scheduled to start in late May.

1. Legislation seeks new gold standard by defining U.S. dollar in terms of gold: A West Virginia legislator introduced H.R. 5404 on March 22, seeking to require the Treasury secretary to define the dollar in terms of a fixed weight of gold.

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