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Latvian marriage coin makes decision a positive

When using this 2021 coin from Latvia in a coin flip, there’s no way to lose, as long as the answer is yes. The coin celebrates marriage.

Images courtesy of Latvijas Banka.

A new coin from Latvia gives a twist to the old coin flip. On June 15 Latvijas Banka issued a silver collector coin dedicated to marriage, and, interestingly, the coin allows users only one answer: YES.

The Proof .925 fine silver €5 coin features gold plating and has the words “yes” (in Latvian) on both sides.

Appropriately, the designers of the coin are Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, a married creative tandem, and this is their debut in coin art.

The creators’ concept about the coin is that, in marriage traditions, two people are asked a question, with affirmative answers expected. This is a coin of absolute affirmative, with its both sides happily saying “yes.”

The obverse and the reverse become one. They denote one belief, one answer, one being consisting of two individuals. “Both sides of the coin are like each other’s reflection, and there is no way knowing which was the first,” according to the Latvian Bank. The field of one side carries the national identity as LATVJA, and the other, the denomination, as 5 EURO.

The gold-plated “yeses” are encircled by a gold plated rim and edge, which is inscribed 2021. The golden circle, like a ring, is an ideal shape, always at its beginning and on an eternal journey that never ends, just like love.

The coin was struck by Mennica Polska S.A. (Poland).

The coin weighs 15 grams and measures 28 millimeters in diameter. It has a maximum mintage of 3,000 pieces and retails for €53 from the Latvijas Banka website,

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