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Latest BEP production report reveals Series 2017A notes

The Bureau of Engraving resumed publication of its monthly production reports with the posting of May 2019 figures on the BEP website. Its most recent prior posted report was for January. 

A BEP spokesperson told Coin World that the reports for February, March, and April will be published as soon as the agency has completed its transition to a new reporting system, which will alter the appearance of how the reports look and read.

The May report for the Washington, D.C., facility revealed a change in the $20 note. Previous notes of this denomination with the Carranza-Mnuchin signature combination were the Series of 2017 and had serial numbers beginning with the letter “N.” The $20 note in the new report was printed for the Atlanta Federal Reserve District and has serial numbers beginning with “P.” 

Another change is that they are not Series 2017, but rather Series 2017A. This, the BEP says, is meant to reflect a minor change in the production process.

BEP officials have not stated for the record what that change is.

BEP at the ANA show

The BEP and the U.S. Mint occupied the same area at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money, reflecting the ongoing cooperation between the two government entities. All three of the BEP’s Apollo 11 commemorative products, the $2 Rocketship, the 50th Anniversary Currency Set, and each of the three prints in the 50th Anniversary 2019 Engraved Print series, sold out. 

The latter of the three is particularly rewarding for the BEP. The spokesperson said that it was able to reach beyond the traditional collector market to a broader and more diverse audience. 

The bureau was also enthusiastic about the $2 Rocketship for its ability to “engage youth in numismatics.”


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